Macrame Headband

Hi, my dear friends.

Perhaps you noticed so far that I have curly hair and I am struggling with them all the time.

I use headbands for those nutty ones in front of my head usually and I try to match them with my clothes and season.

I think everyone with any type of hair needs one headband.

Those time that you are not in the mood to do your hair or you don’t have time to do your hair this will be a lifesaver and helps you to look more beautiful.

This headband is one of my favourites I made it in different colours with t_shirt yarn so it is so soft to touch.

Stretchy and wide enough to make the forehead’s hairs obeying my rules.

The fringes gave more boho style to this beauty .you can choose your colour for beads.

You can purchase the tutorial video on the shop.


Choose between the model from the shop


You can order your favourite color+favorit pattern +favorit beads.

I do anything till you will have one of them
Please comment below for ordering with any colour that you like and surprise your self.

You are welcome to ask all your question.



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